About Fatty

Welcome to my ridiculous up, down, and sideways battle with my fat-asaurous ass. I would like to think I have the qualifications to write a blog about this, as I’ve had a lifetime of battling body image and ¬†weight issues. Join me while I post my progress, both wins and fails, as I attempt to create a form of not only accountability, but maybe also provide some support to others. I may also say things that you may feel are self deprecating or even harsh, but let’s get real, it’s just my humour. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

It would be pretty cool to hear from you too by the way. If you are battling in a similar war, or just have advice or words of encouragement…that would be pure gold.

The following pages may be cringe worthy, desperately pathetic, and even fantastically inspirational, but I will always aim to be brutally honest.